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About us

About Us
Current Culture Fly Shop is a full service fly shop located in the Forest Hill neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia. Established in 2021, we are proud to carry leading brands in fly fishing gear and the largest selection of fly tying materials in the area. Our focus is on creating a welcoming and approachable culture around fly fishing in our community.

Simón and Reid met in 2019 and quickly connected over their interest in the outdoors - both growing up as anglers. Since then, they have worked in fly fishing and learned the ins and outs of the rapidly growing industry. Reid Parker holds a Bachelors in Science and has a long held interest in biology. Simón a recovering social worker who leaned into the outdoors to decompress. Their next goals lie in creating accessibility and knowledge to the community through the sport of fly fishing. We are believers that the more connection that people have with their land and waters, the more they will respect and protect them.


Our Guides


Capt. Simón Valencia Abello

Simón was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia then moved to Miami, FL at age 10. He enjoys listening to Car Talk, bird hunting and spending time with his dogs Molly and Mechas. He loves to sight cast at anything that moves but predominantly Redfish in the Chesapeake Bay in the Summer. In the Fall and Winter he leads Trout trips in the mountains, and dedicates the Spring to the anadromous fish run Downtown Richmond.

Simón is highly passionate about the mechanics and technique of fly casting and loves to teach them.


Capt. Reid Parker 

Reid was born in South Carolina and moved to Richmond at the age of 3. He spent his youth fly fishing with his father on the James River. He enjoys bird hunting, music and spending time with his parnter Nicole and their two dogs, Maybelle and Cú.

Reid Parker is absorbed by warm water fish that haven't been traditionally targeted with a fly rod. Bowfin, Chain Pickerel, Gar, Largemouth Bass, and Carp. Whether walking and wading on the James River Downtown Richmond or poling through a tidal creek sight casting for Gar, Reid has been know to be a joyful and pleasant guide who is ready to share about the behavior. Amongst friends, he has earned the nickname "Poor Man's Bill Dance" and "Juaquin Wade" due to his love of freshwater fish.


Capt. Wayne MacMasters

Capt. Wayne mostly retired from the Physical Therapy. He attended W&M University where he played Football. He has been fishing in Virginia since then. He is The Virginia Cobia guide on the fly rod through the summer and an incredible Speckled Trout angled. He has led clients to multiple IFGA World Records. Capt. Wayne has a phenomenal sense of humor and one of the best people to spend a day on the water with! Wayne is also a casting instructor, he comes from the Physical Therapy trade and is passionate about helping people with mobility restrictions or pain back to casting a fly rod.


Capt. Mike Rennie

Mike is a Virginia boy through and through. He floats the Rivers of the Piedmont region of VA for Smallmouth Bass and Musky, and the mountain rivers for Wild Trout. An absolute beast on the sticks. Mike has led many clients to that magical 20" smallmouth, more often than not on top water! Mike lives in Scottsville where he often leads his trips out of. Fun fact: Mike is also an incredible artist! He does fishing related art as well as traditional tattooing, though since he has found success in guiding, a lot of us are waiting for tattoo dates.

Capt. Keegan Lemcke

Capt. Keegan has been hunting for waterfowl and fishing the tidewater area of Virginia with a wild intensity for many years. Since getting his Captains License, he has been guiding hunters and anglers to amazing experiences. Capt. Keegan is a Swiss Army knife of a guide, his extensive understanding of the ecosystems, migrating patterns, a behavior of so many species make him a phenomenal teacher. He guides for Striped Bass and Shad in and near Richmond, warmwater species in the tidal sections of the Pawmunkey and Mattaponi Rivers, inshore Saltwater on the York, and Duck hunts through the tidewater area.